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world premiere

A financial war is raging on the Street. Dixon Equities, a Goldman Sachs like behemoth, ruled by DIXON, the elderly, pompous King of Wall Street is under siege from aggressive, billionaire, Don Wald’s Viking Fund. To help Dixon counter this impending threat, he has enlisted MAC (50) an imposing African American, hedge fund warrior, and BARLOW (late 40’s), Mac’s best friend and savvy business partner. On their way to meet with Dixon, they pass by three homeless women, THE WITCHES, huddling behind some steaming garbage cans. Mac pities them, buys them some food. They repay him in a way he never could have imagined, with a prophecy foretelling his destiny and a thumb drive with a magical algorithm that will enable him to destroy the Viking Fund and gain Dixon’s favor. The Witches assume various forms throughout the play, from homeless women to cable newscasters and financial assistants.
Mac’s wife, ravishing socialite, LANIE (40) sits in the opulent boudoir of her Park Avenue penthouse, dressing for another gala event. Mac may be the dynamic front man, but Lanie is the master of manipulation. She will become the victim of her addictive personality. For her, enough is never enough. Lanie has become adept at exploiting Mac’s fatal flaws, his hubris, and his jealous nature. Mac should be jealous as Lanie has been engaged in a torrid affair with Barlow. Knowing that Dixon’s privileged, weak willed son, BRUCE, is the heir apparent to Dixon Equities, and believing the Witches’ prophecy, Lanie begins spinning her diabolical, murderous web to make Mac the new King of Wall Street.
Mac’s assistant, FIONA (late 20’s), Barlow’s underappreciated, shy, tech genius daughter, analyzes the Witches’ thumb drive. She finds that it contains The Jabberwocky, an algorithm personified by a demonic creature that can create the rapid rise or fall of any company, commodity, index, or individual. With Fiona’s help, this becomes the source of Mac’s invincible, financial power.
Using her sexuality as a weapon, Lanie cajoles Mac to obey the prophecy by poisoning Dixon at a masquerade ball held in his honor. The macabre masks, worn by Lanie and Mac, and supplied by the Witches, have a subtle, personality changing effect on Mac, breaking down any remaining moral inhibitions to Dixon’s murder. When Barlow breaks off his affair with Lanie, out of loyalty to Mac, she commits the final act of evil. She tells Mac that Barlow tried to rape her. This convinces Mac, now out of his mind with jealousy, to join her in ordering a hit on Barlow and Fiona.
Barlow is brutally killed but Fiona miraculously escapes. Once more the Prophecy dictates their fate. Now Barlow’s Ghost becomes the voice of conscience for both Mac and Lanie. The determined, newly elected, female District Attorney, NIKKI DUFFMAN, is on a crusade to expose Wall Street corruption, personified by Mac. She identifies the coincidental deaths of Dixon and Barlow, as pieces of an intricate puzzle that she hopes will eventual lead to exposing the crimes of Mac and Lanie.
Mac achieves great success as the new King of Wall Street, but his results are based the skills of Fiona and the Jabberwocky. Hounded by Nikki Duffman, and haunted by Barlow’s death, Lanie realizes her world is shattering around her. Her pills and alcohol consumption increase. She begins seeing things like Barlow’s face in the mirror and spots of blood on the glassware. During a visit from Barlow’s Ghost, she is forced to face the gory image of his death. Unable to deal with this horrific reality, she overdoses and dies. Overcome by grief and guilt, Mac loses his tenuous hold on reality.
After Nikki Duffman exhumes Dixon’s poisoned body, Fiona and Malcolm realize that their fathers’ deaths were not random acts. They bond together to confront Mac. The final blow is delivered when the Witches’ last, fantastic prophecy of seemingly impossible financial events comes true thanks to Fiona and the Jabberwocky. Mac, now totally insane, thinking he is immortal, tries to kill Fiona. Barlow’s Ghost intervenes, saving her. Nikki Duffman’s agents arrive. Mac resists and is gunned down in a hail of bullets.
The Witches’ prophecy is fulfilled.

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