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world premiere
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Review by TIM BEEDLE

June 13, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: tribute · improvised · clever · funny

What I liked

The participants are all great, from the Taskmaster and his put-upon assistant to the five gifted improvisers who take on the various tasks, there’s not a bad performer in the bunch. The tasks were appropriately nutty, giving the participants ample opportunities for creativity and humor. I was worried about a show that relies so heavily on prerecorded video, but the fact that the participants are there watching it with you and often commenting keeps the live energy flowing.

What I didn't like

That said, there were a few problems with the video and projection. At times, I found it hard to hear some of what was said on the recording and one task we saw involved drawing portraits, the details of which were hard to see on the screen from out in the audience. None of these really impacted my enjoyment of the experience, though.

My overall impression

A lot of fun. Fans of the British show will love seeing it accurately brought to life in front of them, and for those who haven’t seen it…well, just be prepared to laugh your socks off.

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