Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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August 30, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

The show never gets boring. Specially from the point of view of an immigrant in the city of LA, it brings up feelings and situations that we all went through.

What I didn't like

Certain references are outdated, like those that want Italians missing their food. There is excellent Italian food in LA!

My overall impression

The show is intense and straight to the point. Barbara’s performance is real, she feels the emotions and is able to share them with the audience. The show is only 30 mins long but doesn’t miss to deliver a passionate portray of the many struggles an immigrant with strong family ties goes through: her ambitions keep colliding with the uncertainty of the future. And at some point we can’t tell where’s the boundary between art and real life, stage and reality. Definitely a show that moves you and makes you think.

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