Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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August 23, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara! So much passion, conviction and execution. A truly memorable performance! I also loved the music elements, lighting and overall production.

What I didn't like

Would love to hear more music. Perhaps adding another song or two would make it even more of an emotional ride.

My overall impression

I was deeply moved by the venerability and passion of all of the elements of “Lies, Anger and Forgiveness”. In the short 30 minute presentation, Barbara Saba managed to capture such a wide array of emotion that had me on the edge of my seat inspired by the acting, production, music and writing. I’ve passed on the link to friends in the area and hope that many in my circle get a chance to witness this memorable performance and production.

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