Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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August 22, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

The raw energy and incredible performance. The best acting to me is when it doesn’t appear that the artist is acting. The lighting and sound and music added so much to the experience.
Also, the safety precautions taken by the theater. So many places promise a safe environment. This place actually checked vaccination proof and insisted that everyone attending wear a mask in the theater. I’m sure the safety factor aided in my ability to just relax and enjoy the performance without worrying about the person next to me.

What I didn't like

Everything was perfect.

My overall impression

What an amazing journey through someone’s life! An evolution that’s still evolving and open to change. Just like life should be. Brilliantly written and acted by Barbara Saba. She takes so many chances. So much is revealed. So many layers peeled away right before our eyes. 35 minutes of passion-and I enjoyed every minute. I also related to so much from my own journey.
I don’t want to give away the outcome-actually she’s still learning and growing. Let’s just say the title reveals a lot.

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