Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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CHRIS PIERCE certified reviewer August 23, 2021
I was deeply moved by the venerability and passion of all of the elements of "Lies, Anger and Forgiveness". In the short 30 minute presentation, Barbara Saba managed to capture such a wide array of emotion that had me on the edge of my seat inspired by the acting, production, music and writing. I've passed on the link to friends in the area and hope that many in my circle get a chance to witness this memorable performance and production. ... full review
JOSE BUSTOS certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: vulnerable · strong · immigrant · home · drama
Barbara Saba’s one woman show was, in many ways, an intimate experience that challenged me to reflect upon such themes and concepts like: Family, time, grudges and the ‘American Dream’. Her performance was at times witty and fast paced, and then in a split second turned into a fine threading of complex emotions and back again. This play lands close to home in a time where most of us are -still- away from our families, having enough time to think about the past and want to make amends for all the bad things that happened and were never spoken of ever again. ... full review
STEFANIE NAIFEH certified reviewer August 22, 2021
Barbara Saba's subtle wit is refreshing and impressive. Her emotional scope grabs you and pulls you into her heart. For me, her voice, her gaze -- it was like a trip to Rome. Her creativity in this piece crosses genres of acting and performance art. She looks into your eyes and lets you see into hers.... full review
HOWARD SCOTT STEIN certified reviewer August 22, 2021
What an amazing journey through someone’s life! An evolution that’s still evolving and open to change. Just like life should be. Brilliantly written and acted by Barbara Saba. She takes so many chances. So much is revealed. So many layers peeled away right before our eyes. 35 minutes of passion-and I enjoyed every minute. I also related to so much from my own journey. I don’t want to give away the outcome-actually she’s still learning and growing. Let’s just say the title reveals a lot. ... full review
TONY BRAUNAGEL certified reviewer August 19, 2021
I attended the performance of Lies, Anger and Forgiveness the other night at Asylum, Thymele Art Center. The one woman play was written and performed by Barbara Saba. I was captured by every word and facial expression that Barbara exuded for the entire 35 minutes. It was a story that if true is one that would grip any of us that have lived a life past our youth. If it wasn’t true, the way she told it would make me believe it is. She looked the whole room in the eye and shamelessly spilled her soul to all of us. ... full review
MAKENA HAMMOND certified reviewer August 16, 2021
Smartly written and an incredibly talented actress. It was honest and vulnerable and she made the audience love her right away! Loved every minute of it... full review
FRANCIS GONZALEZ certified reviewer August 12, 2021
Enjoyed every minute of it. ... full review
KEVIN NEIGHBORS certified reviewer August 09, 2021
tagged as: family drama · Raw · Authentic · powerful
Barbara’s show is 30 minutes long, but she conveys the entire spectrum of the human condition in that expertly crafted 30 minutes. I is hands down a masterclass on acting! She is funny, she is sensitive, she is fierce, we follow her she through naivety, heart break, jadedness, joy, and everything in-between. The direction is clear and distinctly present in the piece. You can see the threads of Barbara and Debra’s collective work. This piece is clearly a creation of love between these two magnificent women. ... full review
CHARISSE CARUTH certified reviewer August 09, 2021
tagged as: honest · reflective · motivational
Intriguing, credible, and empowering visual display of a woman's ability to process conflictual relationships. I had to see this show a second time, and I am so glad that I did. The performance had additional changes which enhanced the emotional component. I absolutely cried and laughed a lot more the second time seeing it.... full review
DINA CERVONI certified reviewer August 09, 2021
tagged as: fabulous
Great performance, funny and deep at the same time Very enjoyable ... full review