Alters in the 5th District

Ensemble Theatre · na · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Alters in the 5th District is an interdisciplinary performance ritual. Traveling this universe made up of the DNA of our ancestors unraveled, between specter and flesh, rites and ritual, we are reminded that even when the mind forgets the body remembers.

Across the space-time continuum, Alters is the fleshing of our Q/BIPOC lives and those of our ancestors through unearthing our memories and experiences with them.

Between tradition and, we reflect on experiences of abortion to power and innocence, to leaning over the edges of the gender binary. On this journey between the absolute and ether, we begin to touch our truths and try to find ways to honor joys and acknowledge traumas inherited and experienced while reflecting/accepting the possibility and cost of healing.

Alters features music and poetry by Q/BIPOC artivists and rad humxns Mattea Fields and Sarah Lopez Au.

*Topics include abortion and physical and emotional abuse. Includes video with twinkling lights and loud sounds.

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Instagram: altersinthe5th
Twitter: altersinthe5th
Facebook: Alters in the 5th District

Production Team

t loving *

"moon" + video / sound / director

leticia gonzalez *

"not a girl" + text continuity / producer

veronica conran *

"a girl "+ movement maven

* Fringe Veteran