Losing Your Humanity (a zombie musical)

Musicals & Operas · slj productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

What do you do when the worldwide outbreak of a brain virus hits your town, causing people to attack each other? Your dad is gone, your mom is in denial, and your brother might be a zombie. Could you do what needs to be done? Would you sing about it? Welcome to the small town of Sidie Hollow, where everyone, especially 17 year old Riley, is learning how to deal with some major life changes. And zombies. Losing Your Humanity is a new musical which explores the way a family might deal with a zombie outbreak that hits close to home. When your town is overrun by zombies, how do you keep from losing your humanity? Contains zombie violence, violence against zombies, sexual assault, some graphic language, and gunshots.

“A fun show that you should awkwardly shamble as quickly as possible to see” – Matt Ritchey, Gia On The Move

“Grab a seat to witness this undead sensation that will have you singing along and craving brains… I mean, more! (or do I?)” – Eloise Coopersmith, Gia On The Move

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The Broadwater Second Stage
6320 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038
The Broadwater Second Stage is a cozy 75-seat theatre located in the heart of Hollywood.

The Broadwater does not possess a parking lot. Parking in this neighborhood is challenging, so please plan to arrive 25 minutes early if you will be driving in.
Street Parking: Street parking can be found around the Broadwater, depending on the day/time. Please read street signs carefully to avoid being towed from “Permit Only” areas.
Paid Parking: A nearby lot occasionally offers $5 for theatre parking, but this information is subject to change.

- The “4” and “210” buses stop at Santa Monica/Vine, 0.2 miles east of the Broadwater.
- The Metro’s Red Line stops at Hollywood/Vine, 0.9 miles north of The Broadwater.
Additional information can be found at www.mta.net or www.metro.net.

BATHROOMS at The Broadwater:
Bathrooms are located around the corner at the Lillian Way Main Stage entrance. Please allow five minutes to get to and from the bathrooms.

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