Gospel of a Teenage Jesus

theatre · mutineer theatre company · Ages 14+ · United States

family friendly world premiere

Mutineer Theatre Company returns to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with yet another world premiere. How could we top last year’s SHAKED & SPEARED, the lost final acts of William Shakespeare? By finding the lost work of an even bigger Author. That’s right! This year we bring you GOSPEL OF A TEENAGE JESUS.

Jesus Christ is SO over being 14. Between being bullied at school and being controlled at home in an angst-ridden relationship with his mother (Mary) and step-dad (Joseph), the only true escape Jesus can find is his journal. To make matters worse, his birth father (God) shows up out of the blue with a desire to make up for lost time. It’s going to take a miracle for Jesus to forgive Him. And Jesus isn’t the only one; Hell hath no fury like a Mary scorned. Only now, centuries later, can Mutineer Theatre Company finally answer the question “WWJW?” (What Would Jesus Write?")


Production Team

* Fringe Veteran