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June 08, 2022 broadway world la, culver city news, better lemons
tagged as: flute · pride · Drag Queen · surfing · Shaun White · Catholic · self acceptance · LBGQT · gay · bully · camp · musical · redhead · solo

What I liked

As a redheaded person of Polish descent myself, it was easy for me to grasp how brutal the amount of bullying can be for those of us flame-haired kids in school. In Camp Ginger, Steve Trzaska recounts all the trials and tribulations he faced because of it through skits and original songs about some of the best and brightest people he has known in his life – through his imagination! Thanks to a few costume pieces and Steve’s great ability to change his physical persona and well as his speech patterns, each character being portrayed shares all the emotions, bravado, and insecurities as they interact with Steve at Camp Ginger where everyone is a redhead – even the counselors! And as well as acting and singing, writing the entire production, Steve also plays the flute!

What I didn't like

The best advice I can give Steve is to wear a belt on his jeans, which he kept pulling up throughout the show!

My overall impression

This is a perfect musical for Pride Month in which Steve Trzaska takes you along on his journey to self-acceptance not only for his red hair but also his sexual orientation, much to the chagrin of his parents. Morphing from a redheaded kid who gets bullied to several of the campers and counselors at Club Ginger where everyone is a redhead, including the drag queen Arts and Crafts counselor, Steve always keeps his audience entertained from moment-to-moment, even when the conversation turns to serious subjects. His goal to bring sunshine into the lives of others by presenting a palate of possibilities using every color the human eye can see is certainly achieved in this original musical.

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