this world is for the frat bros

ensemble theatre · chloe xtina/kayla erickson · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Younger sister Christine just discovered an alien near the skatepark across from her house and totally can not tell anyone! Older sister Aimee is preoccupied counting down the days until the loss of her virginity while simultaneously stuck in a deep blue sea of beer-chugging, pimple-faced weirdos. Both sisters are finding, however, that whatever sexual appetite their tiny teenage hearts are yearning for is cosmic, insatiable, and definitely intergalactic. A new play about intergalactic first love, dream sex, and female sexuality under and over the limits of a patriarchy.

this world is for the frat bros is written by second-year UCLA playwriting student Chloe Xtina and directed by fourth-year UCLA directing student Kayla Erickson. It was first workshopped at UCLA’s School of Theatre and is continuing its development with Hollywood Fringe.

Production Team

lucy wirtz *

stage/production manager, producer

mary alex daniels *

production manager, producer

georgia gould *


hunter saling *

frat bro/boy

jerry ng *

the alien

jared davis *

costume designer

chloe xtina *

playwright, artistic producer

kayla erickson *

director, artistic producer

rose krol *

scenic designer

beatrice brown *


benedict conran *

lighting designer

yasmine el-tayeb *

sound designer

* Fringe Veteran