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Near Dawn

solo performance · synesthesians · Ages 10+ · world premiere · one person show · China

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A solo play about a boy, a fly and a corpse on one breezy summer night. A metamorphic human experience on one particular night. A hybrid of fiction & truth, absurdity & solemnity with a mixed timeline of past, present, and prophecy. A miniature portrait of contemporary rural China in the dawn of the nation’s largest economic reform. A life condensed in 45mins.

Inspired by a true event, NEAR DAWN draws from the tradition and history of China’s underdeveloped countryside in the early 1980s, and presents a story about belonging and solitude.

production team

zoe wang *
writer/ director/ producer
viola he *
ruobei wang 
stage manager
daisy zheng 
production manager
junfu chen 
lighting & set designer
beibei hu 
set designer
zheqin li *
sound designer
mengziyu lu 
lighting & set designer
boya zhu *
costume designer
susan wang 
graphic designer

* Fringe Veteran