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The Living Room

comedy · dhali dati · Ages 13+ · 55 mins · United States of America

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Accountants of Death in a Comedy of Grief

April 05, 2019

“Laughing the whole way through…transformative and hilarious” – The Comedy Bureau

A comedy about death, conceived in grief, birthed by Amrita Dhaliwal & Gemma Soldati.

Confined to The Living Room, these two Accountants of Death work tirelessly to record the death toll, while the occupational hazards wear on these two clowns as they learn the meaning of life and death. It makes for an absurd and physical jaunt brimming with existential phone calls, impaired dancing and the love of a goldfish.

Amrita Dhaliwal and Gemma Soldati, students of Dr. Brown, Spymonkey’s Aitor Basauri, Paola Coletto, Deanna Fleysher, UCB, Groundlings and teacher’s for Cirque du Soleil’s, John Gilkey’s Idiot Workshop in Los Angeles, have created a clown show inspired by their loss of loved ones. Devised and developed at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre, this show rides the very fine line between comedy and tragedy. Employing physical and absurdist theatre techniques, this show leaves the audience laughing and


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