Saving Cain

ensemble theatre · winner entertainment · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 20, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The simplicity of the set in how it related to the story was incredible! Director Chrzanowski does a brilliant job of allowing the actors to own every moment and allow the text and characters to breathe. He has created some great images and set pieces and you feel so deeply for these people.

What I didn't like

It felt like the exits/entrances to the back stage area were a little tight and at times it seemed the actors had traffic issues coming and going from the stage. But that’s a very small detail in the grand scheme of this tour de force show!

My overall impression

Just incredible! Truly breathtaking from start to finish!
When you attend shows at Fringe, you don’t always assume you’re gonna see something that is main stage material. And by that, I mean this is a show that I would see outside of Fringe as a mainstage show for any theater company.
The writing is just lovely. Kozak creates such deep and wonderful characters, that you feel for each of them. He gives you the levels right there in the writing.
And then the actors take hold and you are just swept away! Every actor in this piece are at the top of their game as they lead you on this journey through some of the toughest issues that people face when raising a child as a single parent. But not only that, this play touches on bullying, homosexual prejudice, addiction, and many other topics that people don’t always want to talk about.
The choice of the title as it relates to the characters and story is one of my favorite things about this piece.
If you can only see one drama this year, or one 90min show, then THIS IS THE SHOW TO SEE!!

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