Straight White Men Trying To Woke

comedy · chris valenti · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 27, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: Sketch Comedy · fantasy · football

What I liked

The last sketch, Fantasy Football, was impossible not to smile at.

The sketch standing in line at the coffee shop (I don’t have my program to reference the title of the show) had some very clever dialogue and started to go in places that challenged the audience and was thought-provoking. Well done!

What I didn't like

The show set up expectations to comedically address the connotations of straight white male life and the act of #trying to woke, but instead felt like a platform for sketches that featured a straight white male, but nothing past that and never fully diving into the issue at hand.

In the first sketch I would liked to have seen a version of the script where the female victim speaks up for herself.

My overall impression

Five short sketches that attempt to explore the current political, social, dating, and sexual baggage that comes with being a cis, white male today. The show ended with an absolute bang.

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