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family friendly world premiere
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June 26, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Now that everyone knows to see this show, I’m going to get a little personal with my review. What the players don’t know is that not 12 hours before, I was having a breakthrough with my own mother, around food, her (not) being there for me, and love…. Indian food was love. Like breakfast. And I came to realize that she HAD been there for me, I just wasn’t seeing properly. So you see, Pockets, if that is your real name, it wasn’t just the writing, performances, comedic timing and playfulness, the music, the musicality, the lyrics, The Town Cryer’s tears, THE ALL OF IT – it was also the headspace this daughter was in to come and receive the adorable, catchy, cheerful, timely music and content to leave with a huge smile on my face. And on my heart.

What I didn't like

I was not drunk when I wrote this review.

My overall impression

If I’m singing these tunes on the way to my car afterwards, I’m thinking this is the kind of musical that I would have loved to walk out of the theater holding the SOUNDTRACK ON COMPACT DISC. CD’S! Remember those, people? I did that with Rent and I would do that with Pockets.

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