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June 26, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: robot teammate · musical · comedy · MASTAPEECE

What I liked

The songs are all melodically charming and filled with memorable lines. The characters are distinct and likewise linger in your thoughts after the show. There’s often a wide-range to everyone’s roles. I particularly liked Dave playing three very different characters throughout the night, while Chris’ Veegan is a particularly inspired Dickensian farse of a funny-ass figure. Molly pulls off the lead wonderfully in a way that makes you believe her as the 13-year-old titular character who’s always looking to make the right call despite her newfound rebellious attitude. Kat keeps her cool as the cruel but relatable ruling figure who holds your heartstings in ways unexpected. They are joined by an infectiously exuberant supporting cast whose enthusiasm will keep on board the entire time. Lastly, Branson’s music is filled with life and care that gives this show as much musical credit as any mainstream Broadway effort. Heck, even their poster is awesome (my pockets are off to their artist, Beverly). Go see the show, I think it’s quite good.

What I didn't like

Not enough bread references.

My overall impression

The Robot Teammate shows are always a blast, and this one’s no exception. Their troupe is comprised of nothing but seriously talented writers, performers, and songsmithers who work extremely hard to provide a quality product every time they work together. They all come from an improv background, so even when scripted, their shows always feel spontaneous, and their performances malleable to that particular evening. As a friend of the group, I am a touch biased, but there is a reason I always go to see them perform. Their efforts are sincere and heartfelt in a way that comedy often overlooks. There are feelings behind the laughs, whether it’s about winning an intergalactic race, preventing the end-all of time itself, or, as is the case with this musical, a mother and daughter finding common ground in a fun, foodie-filled bakery town.

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