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family friendly world premiere
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June 16, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The best parts of the show were the consistently hilarious and spot on performances by the Robot team. I must confess that these guys are living the life I dream about. There was a ton of clever staging, wiseass dialog, low and high humor, that it almost eclipsed the wicked social subtext. But the message was there, and welcomed by the audience.

What I didn't like

The Robot team are becoming better and better writers as the seasons pass, and it is a distinct pleasure to watch them grow. I am certain that some day they will give birth to something the size of Book of Mormon (that’s gotta hurt) and I will gleefully plunk down as much cheddar as it takes to be front row opening night.

My overall impression

Wowsers! The best offering yet from Robot Teammate, who are growing into their big boy pants at an astonishing rate. From the large cast to the costumes and choreography, they continue to raise the bar on their distinctive comedic oeuvre – and I couldn’t be more pleased. The show is hilarious and heartwarming, with tons of punny in-jokes for those who like a good wink. And the performances of the Robot team are tremendous as usual, consistently stealing their scenes. The songs and dance numbers are deftly embedded while simultaneously pissing on the usual landmarks of musical comedy. Brava Pockets!

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