solo performance · tobin mitnick · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 26, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: Tobin · con · terminal disease · wife · thick fingers

What I liked

Tobin’s thoughtful anticipation of what a Fringe audience, in particular, might expect from a one (white) man show allows him to deliver a truly affecting performance, not only because Tobin is funny (which he very much is), but more so because it’s clear that Tobin respects his audience and that despite (or maybe because of) his awareness of con men, he is able to establish a direct and emotional connection to those in the room with him by acknowledging his complicity in various cons. You would think that another show about self-discovery would be tired, weighed down by its own tropes, but Tobin does the near impossible; he makes the solo show empathetic.

What I didn't like

I wonder if Tobin could further leverage his video/media skills in the second half of the show; his journal reveries and contemplations were extremely effective just as they were, but a few moments of emphasis with projection might have been interesting.

My overall impression

Tobincon; Tonbinconfidence man; Tobinconfession; Tobinconspiracy; Tobinconstitution; Tobincongratulations on a terrifc show.

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