The Same Room

ensemble theatre · lucid dramatics · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by MIKE REYES

June 07, 2019 original article
tagged as: dark · Beautiful · thriller · Love · communication · suspense

What I liked

I applaud the great use of the small space and the thoughtfully crafted set design, the layout of the room can feel both claustrophobic and intimate depending on brilliant use of lights and special effects.

Pierre’s writing is so nuanced and it hits home so often, you don’t feel the need to root for any one of the two characters, both feel so human, honest and broken and they are absolutely brought to life by the performances of Pierre and Sheeks.

What I didn't like


My overall impression

Our story begins with our two characters Thyma(Kelly Pierre) and Aspid(Sam Sheeks) simultaneously thrown into a dark, locked chamber. The only thing there to take up any space is a small table with two chairs, and the horrible, gut-wrenching realization that these two people who seem have a great deal of history with each other, are now locked in this prison together with no seemingly way out.

I am hesitant to say any much more about the story, as I am a firm believer in not spoiling this production and it needing to be experienced in person for the first. I strongly encourage you to go into this play, with as little knowledge as you can.

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