SHI SHI - KEN : The Path of Soul Transcendence

dance & physical theatre · rengyosoh · Ages 13+ · Japan

family friendly one person show world premiere
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June 25, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The beginning was nicely done and set the stage up as a more mental space.

Lighting and sound cues were tight and very effective.

I liked how the swordplay and movement evolved from scene to scene with actions reflecting the Samurai’s mental state.

What I didn't like

Audience members not as interested in the martial arts aspects might feel some of the scenes go a little long, but I think overall they are delivered with intensity and emotion that makes them work.

I was disappointed in the soundproofing of the theater. Road noise and people talking and laughing in the building could be heard throughout the presentation.

My overall impression

A samurai’s psychological journey after taking a life. A great mixture of Japanese swordsmanship and interpretive movement. Sit near the front so you can appreciate all the detailed movements (although the middle seats in the first row are not for those easily frightened by a sword flying around near them—it’s a small theater!)

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