Pocketmon! A Parody Musical

the bardic bastards · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The elements of the show that did not depend on a big budget or big stage were as top notch as could be. The music was engaging, catchy, and so much fun to listen to. I was blown away by Brandon and Michael’s ability to work across several different style of music and create complex lyrical patterns that made the music really stick out.
The acting was also top notch. for a production this size to have so much stand out talent is really impressive. The actor playing Soot Snag Em’ won the audience over from his very first line on stage. If he was on stage, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Brandon’s double role’s of the depressed Blogdorf, and later Blogdoof, alongside the NPC trainer were masterful and side-splittingly funny while also being very true to the reality of depression. This dark humor is a mainstay of Bardic Bastard productions.
Even the choreography, which was simple was very well executed. This wasn’t a Broadway show, so I didn’t except, nor would I have wanted big dance numbers, but the choreography that was seen on stage was wonderful and complimented the storytelling very well.

What I didn't like

Pocketmon is one of the few shows I’ve watched where I walked away with no immediate idea of how I would have improved it. With more money they could have created a better stage, but that would honestly take away from the charm and humor of the show. Apart from that, the elements of the show were great. As was referenced in the show, I would have liked to see the scenes that were cut for time. A true two act play with intermission would have been nice.
The only real area that could use improvement is smoother transitions between the scenes. They mostly worked, and when awkward, were often played for comic effect, but there was the occasional one that I would have liked to have seen pulled off better.

My overall impression

Pocketmon was the best example I’ve ever seen of people working within severe restraints to make something truly magical. At all times, the cast and crew skirted the line of absurdity for absurdity’s sake, but they stayed grounded, and the result is something hysterical, endearing, and ruthlessly original.

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