Bat Knight!

comedy · bat knight! · Ages 1+ · United States of America

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Review by ROB ANGELL

June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The stage was filled with top-notch comic actors, who are all brilliant with timing and working off each other. Batman’s stories truly run the gamut from dark, gritty noir to campy & cartoonish, and Bat Knight! definitely embraces the latter while mocking the former. Many of the cast members double up (or triple up… Elizabeth Birmingham is a master of both acting range and the quick costume change, playing at least three) roles to bring you a massive menagerie of rogues and allies. As Robin, Cameron Rose plays both a buffoonish clown and the straight man to Cameron Parker’s Batman with deft and skill… it takes a great actor to be able to sell a character’s tragedy while mining it for comedy at the same time. Parker shines as Batman/Bruce Wayne, channeling Pete Holmes’ Badman and Adam West’s portrayal. Both interact with the audience quite a bit, so we feel like we’re helping the Dynamic Duo out. Janelle Luczon’s Harley Quinn voice is (high-)pitch perfect, and Carson Lambing is absolutely hilarious as an adorkably goody-two-shoes Superman. Renee Wylder’s cat puns had me howling. Get yourself a ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

What I didn't like

Two-Face is my favorite Batman villain and he isn’t in it. So don’t go expecting Two-Face.

My overall impression

Hilarious, nerdy, and fun! Plenty of audience interaction and a deep love for the Batman mythos will have you cackling like the Joker.

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