Bat Knight!

comedy · bat knight! · Ages 1+ · United States of America

family friendly
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June 07, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: fun · funny · silly · irreverent · absurd · superhero

What I liked

I’m a sucker for live action superhero theater. While the costumes in general are purposefully low rent versions of the superhero outfits we’ve come to know and love, the actors who play both the Penguin and the Joker wouldn’t be out of place in a more serious take on the Batman mythos. The Joker in particular manages to play his part with a sinister relish that is threatening even amidst all the humor. Like a great Shakespeare play, Batknight contains a play within a play, and therefore an appearance by Superman. My favorite moment, was when he “caught the bullet,” a low tech, but surprisingly effective effect!

What I didn't like

The opening announcements were played too low to be clearly heard among the din of the crowd.

My overall impression

A high energy extremely silly and fun superhero parody for all ages! A musical love letter to the awesomeness and absurdity of the Batman universe done with panache, irreverent humor, and a few humorous insider nods to the fringe fest itself.

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