Mr. Yunioshi

solo performance · some sort of show · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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Review by VIVI THAI

July 12, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I really liked how he didn’t vilify the character, but rather showed us what it was like during that time period, while still commenting on how much it affected the culture. Cho was committed and took us on a journey that was at once very personal and very universal. Damn good job.

What I didn't like

Personally, I don’t think the ending needed to be that long. While it was a humorous and good ending, it felt a bit like spoon-feeding, which can diffuse the power of a good story. But I also saw the value in it, so here is a grain of salt.

My overall impression

Moving and fun, this show brought up a near-and-dear issue of appropriation and taking a look at the other side. This is exactly what “meta” is meant for! J. Elijah Cho takes a controversial piece of artistic history and fills it with compassion while still not condoning the facts. He got to the heart of the matter in a really fun way, proving that comedy can still punch you in the gut.

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