Loose Underwear

solo performance · dagmar stansova · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Pick Of The Fringe, Encore! Producers’ Award, LAWTF Nominee: The Diverse Diva Award. From Communist Czechoslovakia to Harlem, from exorcisms to orgasms, in “Loose Underwear” the daughter of a Holocaust survivor is compelled to “cha-cha” away the wounds of her ancestors and through the celebratory delight of her loose underwear she finds an unexpected way to lift the weight of ancestral traumas.  And yes… it’s funny.  This show will have you laughing, crying and leave you wanting to share your own story.  "Loose Underwear" is Dagmar Stansova’s autobiographical solo play about how a woman survives being the daughter of a New Age Holocaust survivor. The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons.  But the shocks of the mothers shall be visited upon the daughters.
“Stansova takes stage.. literally owns the stage! The most interesting thing in this actor’s performance was her ability to effortlessly switch from one character to another, bringing them all to life in voice and attitude. The full joy and respect, even in the tough relationships she’s shared, is present and as the piece advances, she has more fun than is probably legal in Czechoslovakia. Anecdotes are the key to the success of any great story teller. Ms Stansova, working with director De Liso, finds nuance and romance; loss and resolution.. redemption, even.. all in her autobiographical presentation. With only one performance remaining, the house will probably be sold out soon, so.. for insights and delightful stories, don’t miss this one. Ride, Dagmar, Ride!”
-On Stage Los Angeles

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