peter massey · Ages 17+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

An honest and humorous look at the emotional journey we take from our middle-years to becoming seniors of society.


“Not a wrong note anywhere” – David MacDowell Blue, Night Tinted Glasses
“His storytelling was spot-on and he kept the audience entranced and engaged throughout” – Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog

OUT OF THE BLUE – crawling through late-middle-age toward his senior years, a diligent husband keeps his sanity with the unlikely help of a therapist-astrologer. It’s a universal journey – with a cosmic twist.

The crawl begins when his brain makes an unexpected shift and new thoughts appear that have never, ever been there before. A curtain opens on his next stage of life, and there’s nothing but blackness. He wants change but can’t leave his high-stress job for fear his world – and that of his husband – will explode around them both. The pressure puts him near suicide. He must fill in the empty blackness that lies before him if he wants to bring hope back to his life and his marriage.

Fate brings him to an aging wise-woman who seamlessly blends psychology and astrology. With her guidance and the help of Planets, Signs and Houses, he fills in the blackness, mines the birth-marked resources buried in his horoscope, and embraces whatever may come in the last third of life.

The story is spiked with comedy from start to finish, because the ironies of life only increase with time and experience; it delivers the raw anger of aging, and the grief of releasing the last promise of youth. It’s also a heart-centered romance, as the protagonist gains a precious new friend, and rediscovers the strength of the man he married.

(Photos – Kenny Johnston)

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Production Team

maggie marx *

stage manager

jax ball *

assistant stage manager

matt richter *

techincal director

dave ferguson *

associate producer

* Fringe Veteran