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Get Me Out Of Here!: One Boy's Escape from Nature Paradise

comedy · adam gropman · Ages 13+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

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Millions of American children loved their summer camp experience. Adam Gropman was not one of them. Raised in a somewhat bohemian Boston-area household by parents best described as “hippie-adjacent”, Adam was a naturally hard-headed and obstinate boy— and never more so than when, at age 10, he was sent to the most rugged, stripped-down, back-to-the-land camp in the Northeast, maybe all of America. Suddenly, Adam’s innate homesickness meets the hypocrisy of a camp that preaches outdoorsy flower power, while its’ young campers often use an iron fist. While his parents can’t- or won’t- believe the severity of Adam’s misery, even after receiving his many desperate, profanity-laced letters, Adam is forced to deal with this descent into summer camp hell and take matters into his own hands.

An abbreviate version of this show, concentrating on the letters back and forth between Adam and his parents has been a smash hit in the highly successful, multi-city show and Simon & Schuster book ‘Mortified.’

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