Shiva for Anne Frank

Solo Show · rachel mckay steele · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 26, 2019

What I liked

So dedicated is she to making sure the world remembers and never repeats such horrific treatment, $1 per ticket is donated to The International Rescue Committee who offers assistance to those displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster. Anne would certainly be proud to know her words still resonate worldwide today and to those like Rachel McKay Steele who openly share their own experience of what it is to grow up Jewish.

What I didn't like

Perhaps those expecting the show to be entirely about Anne Frank will be disappointed since Rachel spends a good deal of time telling her own story.

My overall impression

It’s obvious from the start that Rachel grew up identifying with Anne Frank, as do many of us who read her book and tried to imagine what her life must have been like in those cramped quarters for two years, her teen years taken from her. Her heartfelt tales often resulted in tears, both from her and audience members deeply affected by her stories, projections, and bitter realities of how hard life can be. Most importantly, I walked away remembering “do not let grief rule your life,” and that as long as you believe there is goodness in the world, it is your job to be sure to contribute to that cause.

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