Earth & Fire Walking (Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina)

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June 11, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera are obviously grand masters of the tango. Their practiced, intricate footwork is mesmerizing as they burn up the Broadwater’s Main Stage with fiery grace. The dances are presented as vignettes of the stages in a couple’s romance; at various times giddy, innocent and carefree, at other times incendiary. The pieces are threaded together by the intermittent appearance of an old man. A charming un-named accordionist who punctuates and sometimes underlines the courtship. Video clips appear throughout. Some are of an Argentine folk singer who speaks of distilling the soul of his country into his music. Others are of Galvan and Herrera tangoing extemporaneously in the desert and around Los Angeles. And, at one point, the performers gleefully dance along to a video of flowers in bloom, emulating the eruption of the budding petals. The live portions of the show are almost entirely wordless except when the accordion player delivers a couple of coy asides to the audience. At roughly an hour the show moves along in a mesmerizing blur. Legs and feet move like lightning, energetically whizzing past each other a hair’s width apart leaving the audience breathless. A superb showcase of the most difficult couples discipline in dancing.

What I didn't like

The projections were sometimes hard to see since they were being shown on a black backdrop. It might have been nice if each section had a subtitle.

My overall impression

Wonderfully skilled dancers at the top of their game in a fiery multi-media showcase.

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