Earth & Fire Walking (Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina)

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Review by anonymous

June 09, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the variety; each dance, the mood of each scene was different, yet each scene also emerged convincingly and naturally in the progression of the story. I loved the use of props—chairs, clothing stands, still shots and videos projected on the screen. The quick costume changes, even on-stage sometimes, worked very well, and the costumes themselves were wonderfully varied and gorgeous. I loved the accordion player, who was a perfect fit for the show. Tomas and Gimena took many risks—and they all paid off. I think the show was just the right length too.

What I didn't like

It’s difficult to find flaws in a show I liked so much. So bear in mind that I am stretching to come up with something and what I do come up with is minuscule. Among the video projections was one of horseback riders along a wilderness landscape; it had perhaps too much a touch of the cowboy film for me, although I did understand Tomas and Gimena’s intentions here. And, as I’ve said, this is so minor and could simply reflect one of my own quirks, so I wouldn’t make any changes in respect to this, unless other reviewers bring up the same scene. And I don’t have any good suggestions about how to make it work better. Aside from the actual show (which was fantastic), I want to mention the written description about Atahuaipa Yupanqui on the program. I was unfamiliar with him, although probably Argentines in the audience knew him very well. Perhaps provide two sections about him, one in Spanish, one in English, the latter formulated/revised by a native English-speaker, just to make the language a more idiomatic. But again, this is so very minor; I’m really nitpicking here. So don’t become worried or self-conscious about it.

My overall impression

My husband and I saw the show last night, and we were both delighted. Through tango, Tomas and Gimena told a soulful story about their relationship, their art, their travels. The show never lagged; it was innovative, engaging, playful, elegant, moving, even (at one point) rather daringly risqué—-and (one of the best descriptors of all real art) always true. Along with the dancing, Oscar Lumoto, on colorful accordion, wowed us with his virtuosic playing, just the right accent and enhancement to the overall scheme of the show. After the show, my husband and I felt quite energized in the best of ways. Also, this is a show that will appeal to non-dancers as well as dancers.

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