Lights Out in the Hermit’s Cave!

ensemble theatre · self produced · Ages 8+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 14, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

This show successfully took me time traveling back to the 1940s. A time when radio was king, and the visual was one’s imagination. The most memorable radio shows had a live audience reacting to every moment. Lights Out In The Hermit’s Cave did an amazing job of capturing those moments. It didn’t just have actors on stage to take us through a story, it had Foley artists on stage creating the sounds. From piano playing, to thunder sounds to doors locking. All of these effects were created on the spot brilliantly by Douglas Charles and Angela Acuna. The lighting also played a role showing the actors in dark moments of suspense performed fantastically by Brendan Weinhold, Tehana Weeks and Grace Blakeman. It also had bright spotlight effects to show comedic effect played wonderfully by Kristen Glen and Katie Streifel. And just when you thought you knew where to watch the action on stage, within a second you’re reminded that the entire room is the stage. Sounds happen everywhere and anywhere. And the audience is a big part of it. So sit back and take it all in as you become part of a moment in time without prerecorded sound bytes or iPhones. It’s a live show. All happening in the moment. Anything can happen and everything does. A must see.

What I didn't like

There needs to be more of these shows. When is the next show coming up after Fringe is done this year?

My overall impression

Captivating and funny. This show reminded me what went into a radio show in the 1940s. Everything is performed live with almost nothing hidden from the audience. A must see.

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