Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

hyde · Ages 10+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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June 19, 2018 broadway world

What I liked

Movable set prices open to reveal white props and background items, with Stromberg adding white costume pieces such as aprons, hats, a hoop skirt, as well as props to reflect the many characters she portrays – with a different accent for each one as well. Brilliantly staged performed.

What I didn't like

Get this production into a larger theater as soon as possible so more people can experience the wonder of it.

My overall impression

What an amazing production, created , produced and starring two remarkable actors recently moved to L..A. from NYC. Their loss is our gain and these two were an incredible duo in this tantalizing adaptation of the classic horror story.Burt Grinstead is am amazing Jekyll and Hyde, while Anna Stromberg dazzles as all the other characters in the play, both men and women. Designed in a black box with all black basic costumes and set pieces, the only color in the entire show appears as the backdrop which changes from almost white to deep, bloody red as called for in the scenes.

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