Millennial Pink

ensemble theatre · grateful living · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Through a series of interlinking vignettes, this collection explores the pressures, conflicts, and humility of millennial women. What is it like to be a part of the most hated (or misunderstood) generation?


A Rough Goodbye
A woman attends a funeral with her slightly younger boyfriend. She quickly discovers that her boyfriend is not taking the death seriously which leads her to struggle in teaching him how to mourn while also trying to hide his insincerity from the host. Who makes jokes at a funeral?

The Ladies Who Lunch
Three assistants gather at lunch and vent through discussions of their dreams, frustrations, and stagnant careers — Everything is more bearable, when you have someone else to bear it with. Their demeanors shift back and forth between their real selves and the plastic professional version of themselves that they ‘have to be’ whenever a supervisor appears. Only, their bond will be tested when they learn that one of them has been hiding something…

Avocado Toast
Two women with a thirty year age difference find that they may have more in common than their mutual hatred of the DMV. While waiting for their appointment, they start to find that their age gap feels much smaller through their shared life choices and fears. However, this connection is challenged when they discover that age and experience may not always mean insight.

The Lady Doth Protest
An enthusiastic young woman brings her boyfriend and best friend to attend their first protest, the Women’s March! Their idealistic notions are questioned when they encounter both the logistics of the event and their fellow protesters. Sharing the same beliefs doesn’t guarantee comradery.

Reid Cox
Colleen Kelly-Eiding
Kaitlin Kelly
Mikki Hernandez
Tyree Marshall
Rachel Neyssani
Olivia Pratt
Omri Rose
Ella Schaefer
Sarah Suits Obenauf

Co-Produced and Co-Directed by: Olivia Brooks & Sarah Suits Obenauf

Written by: Sarah Suits Obenauf

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran