It's Just My Life

ensemble theatre · it's just my life productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 05, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Special credit goes to a charming trans-woman, who gave us a rare view of the transitioning process. Also, a delightfully spunky woman who told a remarkable story of living through horrendous abuse and was saved by her “heart mother.”

What I didn't like

The staging was unexciting and the pacing could have used variety. The use of some simple background music, lighting cues and movement would have helped.

My overall impression

The title and producer’s synopsis of “It’s Just My Life” makes it sound like a total snooze-fest. Happily it turns out to be the very opposite. Eight women (the lineup changes at each performance) have turned their real-life challenges and crises into stories of hope and courage. The results are humorous, surprising, poignant, but never tragic. These women are survivors, and their stories are illuminating and often exhilarating.

All that being said, the production may have benefited from more attention to the lifeless staging. Also the director could have improved the rhythm and pace – perhaps by cutting back and forth between monologues. Even so, there is great power in the simplicity of this production. We see eight distinctive personalities expressing themselves with complete authenticity. It is affecting, and satisfying theater.

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