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Asshole: A Tragedy

comedy · vincent lacey · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 24, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked that the subject was something not talked about really at all.
I saw a sincerity on the part of Vincent and I felt for him and his struggle.
I thought Bri Giger was head and shoulders above anyone else in the production. She had real humor and great timing. I loved her pause and giving a moment to losing her mustache when she was doing the monologue as the father.
I did like that the production didn’t avoid literal shit on stage.

What I didn't like

Sadly I felt everyone else performance were not on par with Ms. Giger. I also was bothered the everyone the Vincent encountered lacked compassion or empathy. When nobody feels anything but contempt, I felt it list it’s grasp on reality for me.

My overall impression

I knew what was going on when I bought my tickets but I was not a fan of what I saw.

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