Maron Doll

ezekiel theater company · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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June 05, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I was so very impressed by the 2 lead actors, Lara Helena and Shelly West, their connection, timing, presence and ability to draw me in, to take me on their ride and make me completely forget I was watching a play. Their relationship was powerful and deeply believable. I wanted more! This play could have easily been longer, to see more character development and simply get to know them more before all the heat between them kicks off. I also thought the set design was very affective to the story. AND having seen this play before, I wish to comment on the new Directorial changes done to the lead characters, I thought it made a much more potent reveal in the 2nd half of the play and the characters journy’s were more believable.
Absolutely 2 thumbs up!!!!

What I didn't like

As a professional tech person, two points which I left with that made an impact was that there was a projector making a lot of noise that took me away from the play a few different moments and that when there were black outs it was impossible to go completely black because the projector still had light on the back wall… These small details are impactful to me and can very much distract my focus. LUCKILY the play was SO good, I was not thrown too far. But I suggest you find a solution for the next 2 shows. Perhaps a piece of Black tape over 3/4 of the lens rim so you can still have the top part for your high leveled projection.

My overall impression

This show was a wonderfully woven story of how love can come out of the most turbulent of circumstances and that no time can pass that love cannot find a way to emerge again with even the smallest amount of forgiveness and the will to surrender ones ego. This story is timeless and I believe why it can make the majority of the audience fall into its powerful hands and feel hope, loss, empathy and compassion for these characters… and walk away reflecting ones own life and the choices we make regarding loss and love with a whole new light and most likely some tears. I think the entire audience was sniffling through the last 1/4 of show. :-)

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