The Story of My Life

musicals and operas · chromolume theatre · Ages 3+ · United States of America

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June 13, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The simplicity of the three human components on stage (2 actors and a pianist) matched with the perfectly staged set thus allowing the complexity of their childhood relationship, and the separate paths they took, to unfold beautifully and lovingly before my eyes.
I will treasure this masterpiece of creativity forever because it touched my heart and rearranged my thoughts around my own life’s choices.
The actors were deeply real in their engagement with one another while pouring their emotions into every word and song. I liked them. I felt with them. They drew me in and never let go.

What I didn't like

I felt the powerful intention of the music to support the high’s and low’s of these two boys becoming men as they struggled to express themselves, to love and to be loved The music was engaging and magnificent. One critique: The music was too loud at times so it made it difficult to hear the actor speak. More so during the first 20 minutes of the musical.

My overall impression

Love Loved Loved it! Broadway quality writing, songs, dialog, acting, singing, directing, staging – EVERYTHING! It was a wonderful night out to enjoy theater at its best.

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