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Anxiety Written

solo performance · jessica carleton · Ages 10+ · one person show · United States of America

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Very moving, funny when it needs to be but serious about its core matter. Highly recommend ... full review
Intelligently written. Truthful and endearing performance. Edu-tainment at it's best.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 26, 2018
ANXIETY WRITEN performed and written by Jessica Carleton. Hollywood Fringe Festival. Selected for an Encore Performance We are taken on a journey. We see inside the mind and heart of a young teen. Witness a girl discover her feelings and place in the world in spite of torment, bullies, internal conflicts and attempts to understand and control confusing obsessions. You are not alone, is the message brought to us by a young woman. She discovers that needing to deal with life you find people who understand you, feel for you and accept who you are. Dealing with life is not easy, but it is what we all must do. The journey includes sailing ships, a captain, a pirate and beanbag chairs. This show has everything from summer camp to ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 25, 2018
Good, really good. I really enjoyed it. Great story telling.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2018
I have to say that it was quite refreshing to see such an incredible display of honesty. I can't remember the last time I felt so thouroughly accepted through the voice of another. Beautiful acted and incredibly written. It's an experience I am glad I was able to share with such a wonderful crowd. Completely relateable and honest. ... full review
LISE FRIEDMAN certified reviewer June 23, 2018
Well written, well acted, well staged, Anxiety Written is entertaining and heartfelt. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 22, 2018
Gripping theatre and just overall great storytelling. Personal, fascinating, poignant, thought provoking. Not only does it cover mental illness and OCD/anxiety, it’s also about growing up and coming to terms with fear and the world as we know it. Also a wonderful arc, you experience the growth and realizations as the character does. Love, love, loved it. ... full review
MARGARET KATCH June 22, 2018
tagged as: OCD · mental health · mental illness
This is a beautifully told, vulnerable, powerful, funny, sweet story. I believe there’s something everyone can relate to, and most importantly, makes mental illness seem not as scary or isolating. ... full review
JAKE KORNELY certified reviewer June 19, 2018
tagged as: touching · moving · mental health · funny · honest
Seeing this performance was an amazing experience! This was honest, humorous, and touching. I was floored! I was on the edge of my seat from lights up to lights down.... full review
ELIZABETH ALAN certified reviewer June 19, 2018
One of the best plays I have seen this year at Fringe! Inspiring, entertaining and heartfelt in so many ways. I felt encouraged, uplifted and inspired. ... full review

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