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The Runaway Clone

musicals and operas · the unknown artists · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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Review by JOHN N

June 23, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The talent
The jokes
The music
The talent
The themes

What I didn't like

At my first viewing I had a little trouble hearing the lyrics during the ensemble numbers. The second time I caught it much better. Don’t know if it was something the team tweaked or if was just due to a different seating position. But my main criticism was pretty much addressed.

My friend is European and the only thing she mentioned as a negative was that, “British people don’t talk like that.” I said that was the point. She got it then!

My overall impression

I went to see this TWICE. The second time I took along a friend who had never seen a live musical in her life and she couldn’t stop thanking me afterwards for having this be her first. It was just everything I wish we had more of! The cast talent were all top notch (almost intimidatingly so, in a good way!), the comedy was on point and the production was just put together so smoothly. You could tell that a lot of effort must have been put into this production stretching back some time. Immediately after the curtain call at both shows I heard people saying out loud exactly what I was thinking: “…….wow. That was…..REALLY good.”

Laura’s musical range and comedic delivery was a particular highlight for me. Playing a British accent for humor isn’t the most uncommon thing around, but I have never seen it played THAT way and it just had be cracking up so hard.

I would pay good money to see this produced on a larger scale and I would bring a friend each time to introduce them to what wonderful musical comedies can be. My personal favorite of the festival!

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