The Study

mb stage productions, llc · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 18, 2018 certified reviewer

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Witty, entertaining, and adorable detail-attentive tribute to b-horror-flick acting, plot, and playfulness. Loved subtleties like the audience experience actually begins the moment you walk up to the box office and are handed a beautifully overwritten two page waver warning of gore, shocks, and emotional discomfort, to put you in a place of fear-tickled anticipation of dramatic risks about to be taken, along with a questionnaire that brings up a light edge of vulnerability by having you instagram about your own fight and flight tendencies, all before you even walk inside. And then the professor states quite clearly we are all part of a serious social Study, which with the light-hearted balance of death and humor is easily forgotten — revealing through our votes more than we may realize at the time. It’s like the Stanford prison experiment without any trauma. Kudos and appreciation to all involved. (Apologies to the seven characters we were having too much fun to save)

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