Martini and Olive: Torn Between Two Love Handles

cabaret & variety · buzzworks theater company · Ages 10+ · United States

Martini & Olive are a tragically unhip 70s comedy lounge duo that perform a hilariously cheesy 60-minute variety show.
• Gloriously silly Dance Numbers
• Wildly wrong Costumes
• Funny medleys of 70’s hits
• Original Songs

“Midwest Sonny & Cher meets——Guffman - meets— ‘Fargo’!”

While cavorting in polyester costumes so tacky they should be illegal, and hoofing through gloriously groan producing choreography, Martini & Olive have made countless audiences howl with delight by being very very good at being being very very bad.

They put on a hilarious energetic show that has earned rave reviews to sold audiences as far away as Duluth.

“You’ll howl with delight as this happy faced duo launches into absurd medleys… a delightfully god-awful lounge act riotously over the top.”
- LA Weekly

“Note worthy show biz personalities and mind boggling costumes”
- Backstage West, LA

Martini & Olive (Michael Halpin and Judy Heneghan) are very very good at being very very bad. Whether cavorting in costumes so tacky they should be illegal or moving through gloriously groan-producing choreography, this pair is always in sync and always on target.

Their routines need to be seen to be believed:
• Whistle stop medleys, from “Aqualung” to “Shake Yer Booty”
• Rousing renditions of 70’s classics
• A not-to-be-missed, painfully choreographed and completely loony version of “Convoy”
• An interpretive dance to “MacArthur Park” that’s simply to die for.

The crew of M&O also get into the act, all tongue in cheek of course: The Swizzle Stick Dancers (the creme de la creme of Adult Dance Class), their guitar-strumming manager Vince (Peter Staloch) and even M&O’s wacky security guards.

Come see what the St. Paul Pioneer Press called “such deliciously, marvelously, intentionally appalling stuff that you’ll find yourself alternately holding your head in your hands and wiping tears of laughter out of your eyes. Shaken or stirred, Martini & Olive are a heck of a cocktail. These people know how to make us laugh. First time I saw them… I laughed so hard I almost gave myself a hernia.”

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran