The Great Divide! - Part Two

musicals and operas · new musicals inc · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Three short new musicals about bank robbers in the Wild West, a jilted nurse, and some quarreling gallons of ice cream – straight out of New Musicals Inc.‘s famous musical theatre writers’ workshop. Written by Peter Welkin, Scott Wilkinson, Melanie Watson, Sissy Van Dyke, Clifford Tasner, Scott Kriloff, Rhonda Lageyre, Eliza-Jane Morris, and Leslie Sloan.

Production Team

peter welkin *

book, part two, "the split"

william s. wilkinson *

music, part two, "the split"

rhonda lageyre *

book, part two, "the brothers legrand"

leslie sloan *

lyrics, part two, "the brothers legrand"

eliza-jane morris *

music, part two, "the brothers legrand"

sissy van dyke *

book, part two, "kaboom!"

clifford j. tasner *

music, part two, "kaboom!"

john coppola *

director, part two

arlene mantek *

stage manager, part two

ron barnett *

music director, part two

rachael mclachlan *

part two ensemble

ben fisher *

part two ensemble

bob moran *

part two ensemble

elise dewsberry *

producer; director of part one

melanie watson *

lyrics, part two, "the split"

scott kriloff *

lyrics, part two, "kaboom!"

mindy montavon *

part two ensemble

* Fringe Veteran