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world premiere
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June 25, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Nifty cast who suggest they could do ANYTHING—-especially Carlos Chavez and Chase Mullins (who stole the show just by standing on-stage)!

What I didn't like

A sharper focus on what they’re satirizing. Also, I disagreed with the way Lady Macbeth was portrayed by Lelia Symington; I think she would have garnered many more laughs by ramping up her intensity.

My overall impression

You can’t say you weren’t warned! Up front the caricature-laden advertising says “Macbeth But Funny!”—-but what surprised me was that there were some snippets of serious Sharkespeare, well-acted, in among the dopey jokes (and there are LOTS of those)! There seems to be much NYC training behind this eclectic cast, so I’d like to see them again, in real drama or real comedy or real Shakespeare. The cast is superb and the souvenir program is a hoot—-but the show is stolen by Carlos Chavez and Chase Mullins, both of whom brightened the evening a lot!

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