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world premiere
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June 08, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

I was pleasantly surprised to laugh at the original text. The actors’ delivery and interpretation of the characters made the show hilarious. I loved the Banquo and Fleance dynamic of awkward dad and punk kid. Also, the moment between Lennox and Macbeth while Macduff is looking in the kings chamber was spot on. I never knew so much awkward tension existed within Shakespeare, and these actors brought out the humor already existing within the dramatic text simply by their character choices. Very impressive.

What I didn't like

The stage is a thrust, which is really cool. I experienced a lot of great moments sitting on the side of the theatre. The actors do a fantastic job of including all people in the audience, but at one moment, when Macduff is looking to fight Macbeth, he came around the corner of their primary set piece swinging his dowel rod. With the lighting in the theatre, my depth perception was off, and from where I was sitting, the dowel rod seemed to come dangerously close to my face. I suggest that Macduff be more mindful of who is potentially sitting behind him in that moment. Other than that, I have no qualms. Actors are great. Characters are unique. Text is honored, and the improv, ad libs, and musical additions make the show surprising and new. Great job!

My overall impression

High energy from start to finish. The actors effortlessly moved from scene to scene with speed and intention. I never felt that I was just sitting in the seats waiting for them to get the set together. Hilarious. At the same time, the actors honored the tragic and intense moments. The message of the text was communicated incredibly well, and I have never found a Shakespeare play more easy to follow. I never asked, “What does that mean?” They played their own instruments at moments in the show and added a unique and organic element of sound to the performance. Loved the show. Great job overall. Fans of classical theatre should check this out.

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