ensemble theatre · mary smith · Ages 12+ · United States of America

Haiku is a one-act drama by Katherine Snodgrass. Directed by Mary Smith. It deals with the subject of Autism up front and personal and not as a mere case number. Haiku is about a mother’s love, one sister’s struggle with doing what is right and another sister who may have a brilliant artist trapped inside her mind.

Haiku is about family, faith and miracles. Louise is a young woman with Autism who has brief intervals of cognizance where she speaks in beautiful haiku poetry. Her mother, Nell, has published the poems under her own name. When an older daughter, Billie, visits, she refuses to believe that her Louise composed the extraordinary poems. The issues of compassion and understanding are evident in this heartwarming one-act.

Production Team

mary smith *

director, producer

* Fringe Veteran