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We Need This Musical To Stop Us From Killing Ourselves

One More Chance · jeff rosick, glasgow lyman, & adyn wood · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 18, 2018
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What I liked

I loved the intimate space of the theater and the expert use of a minimal set and cast. I also liked the moments when they acknowledged their play without quite breaking the fourth wall. I loved the songs and the plays on different musical styles. I would totally buy a CD of the soundtrack!

What I didn't like

I think it was very well done and would love to see another run of it performed. :-)

My overall impression

This show was wonderful. I went in without any knowledge of the shows premise. I was a little nervous at the disclaimer but started laughing immediately. Despite it’s brevity this play captured a lot about issues with suicide and seeking help. I think they did an amazing job of tackling such a heavy subject with laughter while still being compassionate and thorough in portraying the emotional ups and downs around seeking help.

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