A Pride of Queers

ensemble theatre · n/a · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

dark comedy
dark humor

A Pride of Queers is an exploration of queer culture, art, history and performance.
A five-part show that will present five different aspects of queer life in America in the twenty first century. The goal is to create a new community of queer artists and storytellers who will take back the LGBTQ narrative and let all of our voices shape and determine the future of our own representation. It’s also meant to create a new community…or Pride of Queers along with a manifesto that will be written over the course of the five shows.

All five shows are uniquely their own, come to as many as you can and be a part of whatever this is!

May 31 @ 9:30pm- COMING OUT!

JUNE 8 @ 6:30pm- DO I ACT GAY?

JUNE 14 @ 9:30pm- AM I HOT ENOUGH?*

JUNE 17 @ 11:00pm- GHOST STORIES*

JUNE 23 @ 5:30pm- SOMETHING NEW…?

*May involve nudity (In a shameless attempt to sell more tickets)

production team