Life on Hiatus

cabaret & variety · red lips woman productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

Life on Hiatus is a multi-media theatre performance that combines spoken word poetry, visual art and sound composition to tell the story of four characters that are connected through their shared experience of hiatus. They are stagnate or waywardly transient as a result of their current predicament. The show was inspired by real-life interactions with a veteran suffering from PTSD, an unemployed migrant worker, a college student and a young professional woman whose career has been put on hold due to an unplanned pregnancy. Australian spoken word performer Lachlan the Bray tells their stories using spoken word poetry, the show is accompanied by a musical composition by sound designer Mark Goodwin, Strider Patton creates the visual design for the piece. The show is directed by Mia Romero of Red Lips Woman Productions.

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Production Team

lachlan bray *


mark goodwin *

sound design/composer

strider patton *

visual designer

* Fringe Veteran