The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

ensemble theatre · self-produced · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 23, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

This show was a little gem. The writing was solid, and constantly went to unexpected places that paid off. All three actresses shone both individually and as an ensemble and made the excellent source material sing. They are both allegorical figures and actual African American women, and the transitions are seamless with subtle lighting cues. Costumes and colors were brilliant, and the production makes a fantastic use of the intimate space.

What I didn't like

It felt like it could use a final layer of “polish,” but this isn’t just a show with “potential.” I’m sure that we will be seeing lots more great work from Jenkins, the cast, and the crew. It felt like it could easily be expanded, and it leaves you wanting ore.

Possibly the best Fringe show I’ve seen yet.

My overall impression

Tight, evocative, haunting, and powerful.

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